Flagler College - The First Fifty Years 1968 -2018

Flagler College - The First Fifty Years 1968-2018

Flagler College opened in 1968 during a decade that transformed the United States. The small, independent college can to fruition as a partnership between Henry Flagler's grandnephew Lawrence Lewis, Jr., head of the Flagler System, and the Carlson family of Mount Ida Junior College in Newton, Massachusetts. Flagler's Hotel Ponce de Leon, "the Ponce," and the adjacent Markland property enjoyed new roles as the campus. Women from throughout the nation came to St. Augustine to participate in the new educational venture. After a fragile beginning, in 1971 Flagler College became a co-educational institution focused on a mission of providing a high quality education at an affordable cost. Ove the next five decades and under the strong leadership of Dr. William L. Proctor and Dr. William T. Abare, Jr., the college grew, prospered, and garnered national renown. Today, under the presidency of Dr. Joesph G. Joyner, Flagler College celebrates the first fifty years of academic programs, athletic achievements, and a beautiful campus.