Vendor Spotlight: Kitty Keller Designs

November 01, 2018

Vendor Spotlight: Kitty Keller Designs

It's almost time for the holidays, so we want to share with you a little about one of our favorite ornament vendors. The majority of the ornaments that we sell come from Kitty Keller Designs, LLC. Kitty Keller has created a number of original designs for Flagler's Legacy and each of them is Genuine Cloisonne.

Each cloisonne ornament is a hand crafted work of art- no two ornaments are exactly alike. Cloisonne is an ancient, time consuming art which was introduced to China by western travelers in the 14th century. The word cloisonne, of French origin, means to compartmentalize or create different cells and applies to both the process and the medium. To begin the process, highly trained artisans bend wire strips by hand to create the patterns within the design. These wires are then soldered onto a copper form which has been carefully molded to create the desired shape of the ornament. Each cell is inlaid with enamels, then fired at very high temperatures repeatedly, then eventually cooled, poled, and 24k gold plated to create each work of art for families to enjoy for years to come. 

Of you find yourself in possession of one of these beautiful ornaments, here are a few tips to take care of your ornament and make it last for years to come. 

  • Handle with care. Although the cloisonne ornaments are very durable, they can chip or dent if not treated properly or if they are dropped on a hard surface. 
  • Do not pull ornaments out of box by top hanger; grab body of ornament and pull it out of the box.
  • Place ornament back in the box with hanger facing up and in a top corner- the top of the box should be clear of the hanger when closing to avoid damage.
  • Keep ornament in box provided or some other cushioned packaging
  • Avoid storing in a high heat environment
  • If ornament becomes tarnished, it can be easily cleaned. Use a cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend and a soft tooth brush with water and scrub gently until clean.

So if you're at a lost as to what get a loved one (or yourself) for the holidays, consider a one of a kind ornament from Flagler's Legacy and Kitty Keller. 

Happy Holidays!

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